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Green Tea – 4.4.19

A simple google search will tell you that green tea is the healthiest drink on this planet. Here are some reasons to believe that…

  1. REASON #1 – Antioxidants
    What the heck is that? In short they help prevent cell damage and reduce inflammation to fight cancer.
  2. REASON #2 – Improved Brain Function
    This article goes as far to say that it makes you smarter. Green tea does contain caffeine and will block Adenosine to increase firing in dopamine and norepinephrine. But green tea has something special that increases alpha wave production in the brain…meaning in English that the mixture of caffeine and this wave improves brain function! Want to get smarter? Drink green tea!
  3. REASON #3 – Increases Fat Burning and Improves Physical Performance
    I didn’t know that until just now, so I’m gonna start drinking green tea. In short it boosts metabolism and caffeine improves physical performance.
  4. REASON #4 – Kills Bacteria = Better Dental Health!
    Something called catechins like a “cat on a chin” will kill bacteria and viruses in your mouth.
  5. REASON #5 – Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
    Studies show it helps maintain cholesterol and increases antioxidant capacity of the blood.