You’re Missing out on Spinach

As a runner I know that iron intake is crucial for my body as it helps with carrying oxygen through the red blood cells. Spinach is a great source of iron; however, there are ways to improve the absorption of iron.

One serving of spinach looks like a lot dry, but if you cook them it is actually quite small!

Vitamin C

If you have some sort of food or drink that contains high vitamin C it will increase the absorption of iron by almost double. This is why people have orange juice in the morning so that vitamins & minerals like iron are absorbed better. I bet you didn’t know that!

Cooked vs Uncooked Spinach

Cooked spinach actually allows your body to absorb iron easier. This is because raw spinach’s iron is in the form of a non-heme. Whereas meats that have iron are in the heme form. However, cooking spinach breaks down this barrier and allows more iron to be absorbed by the body. So from now on, if you have the time, cook that spinach!

My favorite is sesame spinach. My neighbor makes the best sesame spinach and I am going to learn how to make it so I can share it with you all!

But in the meantime here’s some good recipes:

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Twitter: @jojodicke

YouTube: Mojo Dicke


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