Be Ready! National Pretzel Day – April 26th, 2019


National Pretzel Day is coming this Friday, April 26th and I had no idea this day existed. I’m oddly surprised for this day and can’t wait to stuff my face with some pretzels. I think my favorite pretzel over my lifetime has always been the normal one pictured above with some cheese dip.

Why are they shaped like that?

Apparently, pretzels are shaped the way they are because of a story where a monk had dough strips and shaped them to resemble a child crossing its arms in prayer. This story isn’t confirmed but I guess you could believe this if you really wanted to.

My theory is that they are shaped this way because someone messed up making bread and made the strips to thin and then it fell into a cool shape. Or someone was in love with dough and intended to make a heart, but the structure wasn’t strong enough so they had to connect it to the opposite side…

But, enough about why they are shaped like that. Let’s talk about the delicious options of pretzels. Actually I don’t even have to talk about them. I will just give you some beautiful pictures of them, so you can become excited for this day.

Pretzel Bites with Cheese

Chocolate ❤

Cinnamon Pretzel

On another note, I’ll be home in about 1 week and can start making some bomb cooking videos. I might consider making homemade pretzels if I want to get fancy with it. But until then keep enjoying these pictures.

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