5 Tips to A Beast Omelette

So you want to elevate your omelette game…you’ve come to the right place. Here are my top 5 tips to going from a beginner omelette maker to a professional omelette creator.

Who am I? Why should you trust me? I’m an avid omelette chef who knows what’s up. You can watch my cooking skills found on my YouTube channel if you don’t trust me.

MojoCooking YouTube

But, for real now, let’s get to business…


All the time I see the beginners adding their ingredients in after they have already flipped the omelette and are ready to fold it all up. This is makes me feel like Drake, I’m Upset. Okay I once was there too, but I’ve grown out of that poor habit and moved on. It’s important to cook the ingredients in the pan first. It gets them nice and warm and just adds a better texture and taste to your omelette. No one wants cold ham, turkey, chicken… However, some people do like their tomatoes cold, so you can add those in later if you’d like.

tomatoes in panmushroom_in_pan


I don’t believe anyone knows about this secret tip! One day I was feeling spicy and looked in the cabinet and found this wonderful specimen. I think this is one of the most incredible seasonings you can put in your omelette. It adds such a unique flavor that is unbeatable…pepper and salt have nothing on this. This is one of those seasonings that you don’t tell anyone about,  and they’ll be wondering why your omelettes are always better than theirs! Okay, I’m only telling you all because…why not. Try it once, and let me know what you think, you’ll be including it in all your future omelettes.



Now adding cream cheese is one of those additions that you either like or don’t like. Personally, I love it because it adds a soothing flavor to the omelette that you don’t normally encounter. I don’t add it everytime, but when I do it’s amazing. There’s mutliple ways you can add it: during the mixing of the eggs, or after you flip the omelette once. BE CAREFUL, too much cream cheese will overpower the omelette and can ruin the flavoring. As long as it’s spread evenly throughout the span of the omelette you will  be in good shape.



It’s simple. Don’t put to many ingredients inside your dang omelette. At that point you might as well make scrambled eggs. The right mixture of egg and ingredient is mostly up to you, but too much…is too much.



If you’re either low on egg or want a fluffly omelette, milk is your savior. Adding milk while you’re beating your eggs can 1) make your omelette nice and fluffly and 2) make your omelette a little bit bigger. It can make it seem like you used more eggs, but no one wants to be scammed out of their egg count, so don’t be a scamer. Just a tad bit of milk can add a nice fluff, that’s all.

AND IT BETTER BE WHOLE MILK! Just kidding, I just love whole milk.


Okay you’re not a real chef if you can’t flip an omelette. It’s easy once you get the hang of it…you just have to believe in yourself and commit. Like some famous man once said

“If we aboid risks we will diminish into the point of nonexistence. The essence of life is change a panoply of growth and decay”.

It’s one of those things that if you have a cute girl/boy over and want to impress them, BOOM. Impressed.

It’s all in the wrist and just build some momentum.

Actually there are some things you can do to make this easier…I guess I should make a video about this. Stay tuned and you’ll be ready to impress all your friends and family.


This man obviously knows what he is doing. You can too. Just stay tuned, I promise I will teach you in a future video. It also looks very professional, and if you can’t flip an omelette I’m not sure if you can even make one.

Here subscribe here to find out how to flip an omelette in the near future:

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  1. guidemi says:

    Since I just started to cook some simple dishes at home, I’ll definitely try this one out~!


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